Company News

"David is the consummate pro - he's creative, he's quick, he's got a lot of chops, and he's a great guy!"

- Russ Freeman, Founder The Rippingtons, PEAK and Concord Records

"David is a hands-on Producer who forges a close relationship with his artists, and delivers incredible results with style and professionalism."

- John Sprouls, Chief Administrative Officer / EVP - UNIVERSAL

"For me, musicians are not the stars of the recording session. Producers are! They mold players and their music into what eventually turns out to be a vision of the producer, using the players and their musical skills to create a new product, a new vision, a contemporary work! David Ruttenberg is a great producer! He is a great engineer! He knows music, and most importantly, the man has vision! His concept is to support the credo that players should be heard, even in this current void of appreciation of players. David uses sonics like a painter uses oils. He is is one of the finest producers/engineers in the music industry!"

- Jeff Berlin, Living Legend and World's Greatest Electric Bass Player

"You will not find a more professional, talented and caring producer/engineer/musician/teacher as you will with David Ruttenberg. David's number one priority is to work with you and to bring out the best in you in whatever endeavor you pursue. I am so thankful that our paths crossed a few years back as he has been the best producer and mentor I could have ever asked for. Looking forward to the day that I am back in the studio with David to make my next album."

-Navaka, Singer/Singwriter/Guitarist

David has good energy. He is positive, generous, supportive and comprehensive. He is someone who is there for you when you need him, who will always go the extra mile. If I had to pick the crew on a lifeboat, he's a great guy to have aboard."

-J.P. Goss, Noted Author and Drummer

"There isn't enough space here to being to tell you about David Ruttenberg. He is creative, yet completely organized and businesslike. He sees to the minutest details while keeping his eye (and ear) on the big picture. I hope to work with David again in the near future."

-Steve Roitstein, Leader of PALO! and Professor at Miami-Dade College

"Not only is David Ruttenberg a master producer, engineer, musician and composer, he is a kind and gentle soul with incredible supportive energy. He held the space with just the right about of professionalism and sensitivity to help bring out the best performance I could give while recording in his studio. I will always remember, with immense gratitude, how he gently supported my recording session, as I wrote and recorded "I WISH YOU PEACE" - a tender song about my grief after losing my Dad to cancer. David's arrangement of that piece was intuitively aligned with my vision of the song. And as the producer, engineer, arranger and composer of our group, Inclusive Rhythm Foundation, David was awesome in helping us to compose music, arrange, perform multiple instrument tracks, and record our collective musical vision for an entire CD all within 1 week! He is quick, smart, and innovative at the mixing board and in his studio so he can support the creative process as it happens in a moments notice! All in all the man is a magician at what he does, and he is a joy to work with! I highly recommend him."

-Bernadette Yao, Musician, Composer, TV and Music Producer

"We have been with David as our producer for the last few years and could not be more pleased. Not only is David brilliant and talented, but he has an uncanny ability to communicate with and get the most out of his artists. Additionally, we worked on a project with him where his arrangement of a 1970s pop tune turned into something you'll soon hear on widespread terrestrial radio. It goes without saying that our experience with David has ruined us for other producers. We will now expect David's level of compassion, service and talent from everyone. This will indeed be a high bar to achieve."

-Rachel Singer, Singer/Songwriter

"David Ruttenberg is nothing less than an inspiration. He has made me believe in myself and in my future. He is a kind and intellectual man. Regarding his mission in life - music: He is purely brilliant! Thank you David for everything!"

-Doren, Rocker/Singer/Songwriter

"Thank you so much for your instruction, guidance and encouragement. Learning to improve my technique continues to be an absolutely wonderful, rewarding journey. You truly have an increidble ability to teach and motivate! I appreicate your pateience and varied teaching techniques. You helped me master not only the obvious - but the more subtle nuances! I thank you for encouraging...you have inspired me to play at a level I thought I was incapable of reaching. Thank you for your encouragement and optimism. You rock, David!"

-Blair Nadel, Guitarist

"We have had a wonderful experience working with David Ruttenberg. Over a five year period, through his guidance, our daughter Melissa improved her vocal abilities, learned guitar, and concluded with recording her debut CD. David is a great mentor. He provides exceptional leadershp by producing flawless results. He encourages his students and artists to create, compose, and work on their own to be original...and is always there to assist or tweak as needed. He instills a great work ethic by setting the example. We are delighted with the outcome. Thank you David!"

-Cecilia and Marco Knoop, Proud parents

"David has been the most instrumental adult outside our family in ushering my once shy and inhibited daughter into the musician, human being and college freshman she has become at the age of 16."

-Suzy Anand, Proud Parent

What can I say about David Ruttenberg that will give you a sense of all that he is? His talents, expertise, qualities as a human being all combine to make him an incredible and exceptional, musician, producer, engineer, arranger and instructor. He was exactly what I needed when I found him. I had worked with other studios before, and they really didn't understand me or my music the way David did. He is a super talented man that is aware of the pulse in the music industry today. He listens to what it is that you wish to do and achieve musically, and then helps you to create that vision. He encourages, he praises and he cares. Working with David is fun and inspiring."

-Corrine Firestone, Singer/songwriter

"Our family has had a relationship with David for the last 6 years. My oldest daughter and her best friend took guitar lessons from him for over a year. My middle daughter has had the pleasure of workng with David for the past 3+ years on voice, guitar and producing her first CD Project with him. He has been her vocal coach, producer, co-writer and composer and arranger. He is a fun, intelligent, extremely gifted teacher/producer/artist and my daughters have enjoyed spending time in his studio learning fom his numerous talents."

-Maria Abtahi, Proud Parent

"I deeply appreciate the tme you spent introducing me to the history and fusion of technology and the creative process of producing music. My appreciation for music and engineering has moved up to a new level. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for expanding my view of your artistry and profession."

-Larry McKinney, Renowned Engineer and Student

"David is one of the sharpest, funniest, hard-working, most ethical, and kindest people I have ever worked with."

-Bob Harris, Author, The International Book of Bob

"I have been working wth David for several years now. He is very reliable, professinal, honest and friendly. He is amazing to work with."

-Melissa Knoop, Singer/songwriter

"David is the perfect blend of technical excellence and creativity combined with the heart, warmth and skill of a favorite teacher and mentor. Can I say full-on-fabulous?!?!!!"

-Angela Miller, Proud parent

"I highly recommend David Ruttenberg and Polar Boehme Music. David has the natural ability to put you at ease, while enhancing the quality and veracity of any style of recording project, drawing out the professional musician in you!"

-Scott Walters, Multi-instrumentalist/Songwriter